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Last night’s Olympic Opening Ceremony for London 2012 was an experience, which will live in the memory.

James Bond and the Queen, Mr.Bean and Chariots of Fire, the stunning climax of Olympic flames uniting as one.

So many elements to enjoy and talk about with friends as I have done this morning courtesy of a village coffee morning, which we hosted.

The role of music in Danny Boyle’s extravaganza will no doubt be the subject of a future PhD thesis.

The way in which it was used to underpin the action or to remind a worldwide audience of the role played by popular music ‘made in Britain’ was mind-blowing.

If you’re a regular visitor to this Blog, you will know that I try and let the music do the talking.

So if you didn’t see the spectacle, which I will be revisiting for a second look when I get chance, then here it is via the BBC iPlayer.

The music section starts at 56.15 in (lasting around 13 minutes) with the Jam’s ‘Going Underground’ – and I can only imagine how that moment made three, now middle-aged, men from Woking feel.

Olympic Opening Ceremony – BBC iPlayer

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