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The comic actor Tony Hancock has long been a favourite in this household.

So the broadcast today on BBC Radio 4 Extra of an episode of  his classic radio series ‘Hancock’s Half Hour’ for the first time since 1958 is a real treat.

It comes from a London show performed in early August for athletes on their way from the British Empire and Commonwealth Games held that year in Cardiff.

Its re-appearance, retrieved from the collection of the late comedian and writer Bob Monkhouse, is timely coming as it does with London 2012 just underway.

At this point in his career, Hancock was surrounded by a superb team of supporting players.

His rapport with Sid James and Bill Kerr became legendary with their evident joy at working with each other and having such great material to work with.

Earlier this year, the script for an un-made Hancock film, ‘The Day Off,’ was read in public for the first time by Hancock’s writers Ray Galton and Alan Simpson.

For Hancock fans, it’s already been a truly memorable 2012.

Welcome To London 1958 – BBC iPlayer

Welcome To London 1958 – Guardian preview article and clip 

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