olympic gospel

Broadcasters are having a challenging time at the moment, filling hours and hours of airtime with material related to the Olympic Games.

Not just the competitions for gold, silver and bronze, but the back stories that give the Olympics context.

One of my favourite moments of the past few days was provided by the 1968 Olympic 800 metres champion Madeline Manning Mims.

One of the first superstars of women’s athletics, she is now Chaplain to the US Olympic team.

Her role involves everything from bag carrying to ministering to the spiritual needs of the athletes competing  at London 2012.

If you enjoy spontaneous radio moments, then at 32′ 50″ you’ll find an uplifting interview coupled with a spine-tingling musical moment from her appearance on BBC Radio 4’s ‘Sunday’ programme.

A pretty unbeatable combination.

Madeline Manning Mims on ‘Sunday’ – BBC iPlayer

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