iron maiden

London 2012 is the only story in town at the moment, so it’s left to BBC4’s Friday night music documentary slot to come to the rescue.

Tonight the spotlight falls on Iron Maiden, who have shown the stamina of an Olympic marathon runner during a career that is still on the up.

At the heart of their success is a hugely ambitious stage show, and it’s that which is the focus of the documentary, ‘Behind The Beast,’ made on their 2011 world tour by the band’s crew.

It seems only yesterday that Maiden were part of an emerging scene, clumsily labelled by the rock music press ‘The New Wave Of British Heavy Metal’ – or NWBHM for short.

Reading about the roots of scene, it reminded me that the Welsh band Budgie were singled out as early torch bearers for young bands in the mid-70s, who followed Deep Purple, Black Sabbath et al.

Another NWBHM band still pulling in huge crowds where denim is the height of fashion are Saxon from Barnsley in South Yorkshire.

If you, like me, are still a sucker for a good riff, then these tunes will keep you entertained until the next British gold medal looms into view.

Legends – Iron Maiden – BBC iPlayer

Budgie – Breadfan

Saxon – Wheels Of Steel

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