brown bird

A Summer Saturday here in the UK, so an upbeat tune that suits the mood of a day off is in order.

‘Brown Bird’ is the first single from a new album by Joe McAlinden, who records under the name ‘Linden.’

It comes courtesy of AED Records and the patronage of the great Edwyn Collins, once of Orange Juice.

According to one tweet I read this week, Edwyn is the man ‘who invented Indie.’

Praise indeed – and not far wrong.

What’s certain is that ‘Brown Bird’ is a feelgood song that sounds good too.

So if you are looking for a new tune to find a home among all those familiar favourites, give it a spin.

While you’re at it, the album called ‘Bleached Highlights’ (AED Records) also looks well worth investigating.

Linden – Brown Bird

Linden – official website

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