With Team GB performing so well in the Olympic Games, music made in this country has been accompanying montage sequences on tv of victorious medal winners.

Down the years, ‘Gold’ by Spandau Ballet has become an unofficial anthem of videotape producers, particularly those working in sport.

But its cliched use has overshadowed its place on Spandau Ballet’s ‘True’ album – undoubtedly the band’s highpoint from 1983.

Looking at the album’s tracklisting, the reasons for its impact, particularly in America, are self-evident.

It’s full of great songs.

For reasons that are hard to nail down, it’s a great Sunday morning album, so I’ll leave you with that thought as you start your day.

Me – I’m still getting over the revelation a few months back that the album’s big bit, ‘True,’ was inspired by Gary Kemp’s feelings for the very lovely Clare Grogan (Altered Images, 20th May 2012).


Spandau Ballet – Gold

Spandau Ballet – Lifeline

Spandau Ballet – Communication

Spandau Ballet – True

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