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The arrival of the new Premier League football season in the UK is being heralded with all the promotional muscle available to Sky.

With the Olympics still in full swing, it’s virtually impossible to get excited about the new season.

But even though it doesn’t seem two minutes since England were stumbling their way out of the Euros, courtesy of a superb display by Italy, here we are again.

Twenty years on from its publication, Nick Hornby’s classic book about the lot of the English football fan, ‘Fever Pitch,’ is being republished as a Penguin Modern Classic at the end of the month.

There was an interesting discussion about this on yesterday’s ‘Today’ programme involving novelist Fay Weldon and academic John Sutherland, which is worth a listen. It’s 6 minutes from the end of the show.

Today – Fever Pitch item – BBC iPlayer

Apparently Nick Hornby has written a piece for this Saturday’s ‘Daily Telegraph’ about the internationalisation of the English game, which I’ll certainly be checking out.

For those of you who missed my blog about ‘Fever Pitch’ earlier in the year, here’s the link with a Crowded House track thrown in.

And as I don’t currently own a copy of ‘Fever Pitch,’ I think I might well be buying the Penguin Modern Classic edition.

‘Fever Pitched’ – 5th March 2012

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