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Last night’s ‘A Symphony of British Music,’ which closed the 2012 Olympics was, I thought, going to be perfect fare for this blog.

But it turned out to be a disappointment – certainly compared with the spellbinding Opening Ceremony.

Perhaps that’s inevitable given the heights to which Danny Boyle’s first night extravaganza soared.

‘A Symphony of British Music’ is likened by Richard Williams in today’s The Guardian to ‘Top of the Pops’ while the Opening Ceremony was more likeĀ  ‘Ready Steady Go.’

25 years ago to the very day (13th August 1987), a ‘Top of the Pops’ recording that I attended was broadcast.

It’s instructive to look at the list of acts featured – which in the spirit of last night’s celebration shows that Britain has a great track record when it comes to pop and rock music.

It was a pretty typical week.

Rick Astley, making his TOTP debut who I was there to film, Kim Wilde, Wax (an Anglo-American team featuring 10cc’s Graham Gouldman and the sadly-departed Andrew Gold), Hue and Cry and Five Star all performed or were featured on video.

Two acts at that recording particularly remain in the memory.

Def Leppard I had followed and reported on since working as a reporter at ‘The Star’ in Sheffield, so it was a pleasure to see Joe Elliott and the band enjoying their first UK hit with ‘Animal.’

And Wet Wet Wet, whose Marti Pellow I annoyed by trying to get a vox pop style interview when the group arrived on the studio floor, were just getting into their stride as a popular boy band.

A Symphony of British Music indeed.

Def Leppard – Animal

Wet Wet Wet – Sweet Little Mystery

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