a deal with god

Disappointed though I was by ‘A Symphony of British Music’ that closed London 2012, I’ve just downloaded the new remix of Kate Bush’s ‘Running Up that Hill (A Deal With God).’

The song featured in the programme that was watched by 26 million people in the UK.

No wonder several artists are benefitting from increased sales for their back catalogues, which in the world’s current financial state can only be a good thing.

Watching the official video for the song’s original version from 1985, you’re completely captivated by what an amazing artist she is.

Songwriter, singer, choreographer, dancer – someone with a total vision for what they create.

She’s been more public of late than in a long time, so it’s to be hoped her desire to share her vision with an audience continues.

Alongside the out-of-tune singers and cheesy acts served up to celebrate the end of the Olympics, you realise what a pearl Kate Bush is.

Kate Bush – Running Up That Hill

Kate Bush – King Of The Mountain

Kate Bush – official website

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