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In this era of Lady Gaga and Adele, it’s instructive to remember that the way was paved for female artists way back in the 1960s.

It’s an era being celebrated in a new series of BBC Radio 4’s ‘The Reunion’ made by the excellent independent production company Whistledown.

The first programme today is about ’60s Girl Singers’ and brings together three vocalists – Petula Clark, Sandie Shaw and Helen Shapiro – plus Jackie Trent who wrote many hits with her then husband Tony Hatch, and my good friend Vicki Wickham, who produced TV’s ‘Ready Steady Go’ and went on to manage the great Dusty Springfield.

As I’m writing this before hearing the programme, I can only enthuse about it based on the programme’s gold medal reputation for producing great radio.

And the evidence of a trail that’s been aired in recent days in which, let’s say, there’s a lively exchange of views between some of the contributors.

Sounds like it’ll be well worth hearing.

Randomly choosing four hits they were responsible for, you immediately realise these are women who made a significant contribution to the story of popular music.

60s Girl Singers – The Reunion – BBC iPlayer

Petula Clark – Downtown

Sandie Shaw – Always Something There To Remind Me

Dusty Springfield – Little By Little

Helen Shapiro – Walking Back to Happiness

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