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In these dogs days of August with the pace of life a little slower than normal, there’s time for reflection.

Yesterday’s post made reference to a student job I had in the summer of 1976, packing biscuits on night shifts.

What I remembered, as I listened to England losing their Number 1 postion in world cricket to South Africa, was that two significant musical connections were made all those years ago through my fellow biscuits packers, all of whom were blokes.

One of my colleagues was a student at the Liverpool School of Art, who was the first person I ever heard talking about Deaf School.

Their debut album ‘Second Honeymoon’ had just been released, and he knew members of the band through his art school connections.

Deaf School were a ‘wrong time, wrong place’ Liverpool band, but their influential back catalogue is well worth a visit if you don’t know their tunes.

The second connection I didn’t make until many years later when reading an article about the Birkenhead author Kevin Sampson, best known for his books ‘Awaydays’ and ‘Powder.’

In the article, he referred to the same summer job – packing biscuits on night shifts – at the same time and location as me, and I realised that he too must have been one of my co-workers.

Further investigations revealed that he went on to manage the successful Liverpool band The Farm.

So in celebration of this undoubtedly formative experience, here are two Scouse musical moments that still sound magic to me.

The Farm – All Together Now

Deaf School – Taxi/What A Way To End It All

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