In all the controversy over the latest GCSE exam results in the UK, there’s been no lack of human interest stories to keep the media busy.

One of the best features 16 year-old Naomi Higginson from my old stamping ground of Bury in Lancashire.

She had to write a pop song for a project as part of her GCSE Music exam – and ended up with an A grade pass.

Even better than that, the song has aroused the interest of the music industry and it’s available from today as a download through Nova Distribution, part of Universal Music.

You won’t find the song under ‘Naomi Higginson’ though.

Instead,  the teenager records and performs under the stage name Caleidra.

If you visit her website, you’ll see that she has already developed a strong visual image with videos to complement her music.

Good luck to Caleidra as she makes her first steps in the music business.

She’s off to a promising start.

Caleidra – With You

Caleidra – The Last Word

Caleidra – Facebook page

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  1. John Squire says:

    Nice story and I agree totally that she is a promising talent – all good for the UK and a great inspirational story for our children.

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