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The arrival of September, officially Autumn in the UK, is the signal for previews to start appearing of what’s happening in the months ahead.

Concerts, books, films, albums – all the cultural stuff we’ll be enjoying in the run up to Christmas and beyond into 2013.

One exhibition for which there’s bound to be huge demand is ‘David Bowie Is’ due to open at the V & A (or the Victoria and Albert Museum) in London next March.

Apparently Bowie has opened his archives to the V & A, and they’ve put together an exhibition of material illustrating his style and influence.

Vogue isn’t a magazine that I normally patronise, but looking round coverage of the story on the web, it’s Vogue that seems to have the best take on what we’re likely to see.

Of particular interest to music lovers will be the cut-up lyrics that Bowie utilised for albums like ‘Heroes’ from 1977.

Anyone with a passing interest in popular culture and our world over the past 40 years will want to see the exhibition.

So that makes it a hot ticket with queues stretching around the block.

‘David Bowie Is’ runs at the V & A in London from 23rd March to 28th July 2013.

I, for one, can’t wait.

Vogue – Bowie Exhibition preview

Bowie Retrospective – BBC report

David Bowie – Blackout


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