If you’ve got a spare half hour this weekend and want to listen to music you’re unlikely to have heard before, then look no further.

Samuel Coleridge-Taylor (1875-1912) is the latest Composer of the Week on BBC Radio 3.

And thanks to being in the car when the programme is broadcast, I’ve heard a number of pieces by the man who called himself an Anglo-African.

His father was born in Sierra-Leone, and Coleridge-Taylor studied at the Royal College of Music in London, achieving considerable fame and success during his lifetime.

Fame being the fickle mistress it is, his music has been neglected in the years since his death.

His most well-known piece, a choral cantata called ‘Hiawatha’s Wedding Feast’ I was aware of.

His Violin Concerto from the final programme yesterday was totally new to me, and I really enjoyed it.

As befits his background, there are spirituals to enjoy among a whole range of music for different combinations of instruments and voices.

Take a dip into the week’s 5 programmes, and you’re bound to get lucky.

Samuel Coleridge-Taylor: Composer of the Week – BBC iPlayer

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