fairport at 45

Anyone with half an ear for the history of folk music in the UK knows about Fairport Convention.

Formed in 1967, the band have seen 26 different musicians come and go, but in 2012 are still recording and performing.

So the BBC Four documentary about the band, ‘Who Knows Where The Time Goes,’ which aired last Friday told a fascinating story as well as containing some superb music.

The band’s longevity essentially comes down to harnessing the strengths of the musicians at any one time.

That’s resulted in their sound changing down the years as players have come and gone.

For me the early albums, particularly ‘Unhalfbricking,’ are the ones that still cut the mustard.

But Chris Leslie who’s been part of the line-up for the past 15 years is a particularly fine songwriter as ‘Mercy Bay’ from the band’s 45th anniversary concert bears testimony.

It’s the opening song.

Fairport Convention – Mercy Bay

It’s also to their credit that the band provide a showcase for emerging folk musicians at their annual Cropredy Festival.

Moore Moss & Rutter are one of the acts who’ve appeared, and are both young and very good.

Moore Moss & Rutter @ Shepley Spring Festival 2011

Fairport Convention: Who Knows Where The Time Goes – BBC iPlayer

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