piano season

Over the next 6 weeks, the BBC is celebrating the piano in a special season of programmes on tv and radio.

Pianists have my ultimate admiration, largely because I began learning to play the instument in mid-life.

And found it far more difficult that I ever imagined.

The Leeds International Piano Competition, which concluded at the weekend, is one of the early highlights.

Programmes following its rounds and final start later in the week on BBC Four.

I’ve got straight into Peter Donohoe’s ‘Fifty Great Pianists’ featured on BBC Radio 3 Breakfast.

He started with the British pianist John Ogdon (1937-1989) playing the slow movement of Shostakovich’s 2nd piano concerto.

Not at all the flash, bang, wallop you associate with Ogdon, but beautiful music played beautifully.

Fifty Great Pianists – John Ogdon – BBC iPlayer

Piano Season on the BBC – BBC website

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