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Some news hot off the press – and of major interest to lovers of Nick Drake.

Nick’s three albums – Five Leaves Left, Bryter Layter and Pink Moon – are being released on re-mastered vinyl.

Each album will come in a luxury edition box complete with additional printed material and various electronic files, though no new music.

All I can tell you at this stage is that they are about to be released by Island/Universal and are available on pre-order.

So your friendly neighbourhood vinyl record supplier is the best person to speak to.

John Wood, who engineered the first two albums and produced ‘Pink Moon,’ has done the remastering, which is about as good as it gets.

And if you don’t have the means to get hold of a first pressing, which change hands for very large sums of money, then this might be the next best thing.

To celebrate, here’s the Nick track that popped up on my iPod most recently.

Of particular wonder, apart from Nick playing electric rhythm guitar, are the saxophone of Ray Warleigh and the piano solo courtesy of the late great jazz player Chris McGregor.

Nick Drake – Poor Boy

Nick Drake – official website

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