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Aimee Mann is a singer-songwriter whose music never fails to hit the spot.

Her new album ‘Charmer’ (SuperEgo/Proper) is apparently her 8th solo record, and the title track comes with an entertaining video starring Laura Linney.

What’s great is that her latest batch of tunes sound just as fresh as those I first heard when her debut ‘Whatever’ (Imago) came out in 1993.

I even got to see her ‘live’ around the time that record came out, supporting World Party at Manchester University.

And that was followed by a few more excursions to her gigs in the UK in the years that followed.

To be honest, her music has slightly receded into the background for me as those albums have come and gone.

Thinking about Aimee, I yesterday downloaded ‘Whatever’ onto my iPod, which really is long overdue.

And next to it on my cd shelves, I found the soundtrack to the film ‘Magnolia’ which of course features lots of Aimee’s tunes.

So seeing that her extensive upcoming tour visits London in January 2013, I feel an Aimee Mann revival coming on – at least in my musical world.

I really like ‘Charmer’ and ‘Labrador’ from the new record, plus ‘Stupid Thing’ from her debut solo record is still a thing of thrilling brilliance, taking in a superb guitar solo which gets me every time.

Aimee Mann – Charmer

Aimee Mann – Labrador

Aimee Mann – Stupid Thing

Aimee Mann – official website

World Party – Is It Like Today

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