the coal porters

After Mrs.Mills and all that round-the-piano communal singing, music-making rooted in the rural communities of America seems a logical next step.

The Coal Porters, who describe their music as ‘alt bluegrass,’ have a new album ‘Find The One’ (Prima Records) which they are currently touring around the UK.

Frontman Sid Griffin was a member of the Long Ryders, who made a classic album in the 80s called ‘Native Sons,’ a pioneering alt country record.

So it’s appropriate that Sid, an 8th generation Kentuckian based in London, should continue to explore new musical horizons.

Among the tunes on the new album is a cover of David Bowie’s ‘Heroes,’ which is rather wonderful.

‘Hush U Babe,’ which can you hear via an NPR feature on the band, has Richard Thompson adding some nifty, inimitable guitar.

And the other fact you need to know about the new album is that it’s produced by John Wood, who last week received a Mercury nomination for Sam Lee’s ‘Ground Of Its Own.’

The Coal Porters rather excellent website has lots of music and stuff for you to explore.

The Coal Porters – Heroes

The Coal Porters – Hush U Babe

The Coal Porters – official website

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