catch the wind

Watching Friday evening tv, more specifically ‘Gardeners World’ on BBC2, it’s always intriguing to hear the accompanying music.

Invariably it’s instrumental music, sometimes familiar, sometimes not.

What can be frustrating is when the instrumental part of a familiar song is used and faded out just before the vocal comes in, so the words don’t clash with the commentary.

Which is how I come to be writing about Donovan’s ‘Catch The Wind’ whose guitar figure is so vivid, you don’t even need to hear the vocal to conjur up the lyrics.

There it was following Carol Klein as she wandered about a garden filled with different types of grasses.

Donovan is perhaps unfairly labelled as the poor man’s Dylan.

Certainly the vocal tics and the harmonica place the song’s performance slap bang in the 1960s.

But he wrote songs which have endured, and I can safely say that I prefer his vocals to Dylan’s any day of the week.

Donovan – Catch The Wind

Donovan – Colours

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