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The publication this week of Matt Thorne’s exhaustive study ‘Prince’ (Faber & Faber) promises a song-by-song account of the Purple One’s career.

Fan of Prince though I am, I’m certainly not a fan in the sense of the word that Thorne is.

The book references every song, released and unreleased, from 35 years of recording.

When you’re as prolific as Prince, that’s a lot of songs.

I thought I was going it some when ‘Prince: The Hits/The B-Sides,’ a 3-cd set of 56 tracks, became part of my collection when it was released in 1993.

Looking at a website that chronicles every concert Prince has played, I see that I witnessed his show at Maine Road football ground in Manchester on 21st August 1990 – the ‘Nude’ tour, which featured a greatest hits set.

What the site doesn’t reveal is that the show was hit by the sort of local authority curfew that pulled the plug on Bruce Springsteen during the summer in London’s Hyde Park.

2230 came round, and Prince left the stage after playing for, if my memory is accurate, not-that-long.

Well, I thought, he’ll be coming back on shortly.

But he didn’t return.

Fast forward to 2007 when he played 21 nights at the O2 Arena in London, and I realise I should have allowed Prince to pick up where he left off.

Matt Thorne did though, witnessing 19 of those shows, which demonstrates the sort of commitment that he must have put into this new biography.

Like most ordinary mortals, I still love Prince though.

Unheard Prince songs chosen by Matt Thorne – Guardian website

Prince by Matt Thorne – Faber & Faber website

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