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The latest music from the Norwegian singer-songwriter Susanne Sundfor is revealed on her new album ‘The Silicone Veil’ (Sonnet Sound).

It’s released today, and as the Sunday Times accurately described yesterday in its ‘Breaking Act’ feature, Susanne’s voice is ‘arresting.’

I totally agree.

She played a gig in London last night, and a sample of what the audience will have experienced is on show in various ‘live’ performance videos at the bottom of her website home page.

A video for the new album’s title track is also just out, but sadly it doesn’t seem to be available yet in the UK.

So if you are elsewhere in Europe, where she is touring extensively over the next few weeks, you might have better luck.


Susanne Sundfor – The Silicone Veil

Susanne Sundfor – official website

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  1. Knut says:

    Music video for The Silicone Veil on YouTube should be available in the UK from tomorrow on 😉

    Then again, maybe it already is?

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