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The Mancunian singer-songwriter Kirsty McGee, who has a new album just out, was involved in perhaps my most dramatic concert-going moment.

It was at one of those gigs that have become quite fashionable where the chosen performer entertains a small crowd of diners either side of their evening meal.

What was billed as an intimate evening of acoustic music was going along swimmingly until the first song of the second half.

Suddenly and without any prior warning, one of the diners collapsed in a heap on the floor.

A doctor at a neighbouring table did what doctors do on these occasions, and within a few minutes the unfortunate diner was back in the land of the living.

But not before an ambulance had arrived with trained medical personnel willing to give the lady a check up.

By which time, as you might imagine, the musical moment had rather evaporated and we were on our way home.

This was a real shame as Kirsty McGee is a really excellent songwriter and performer, whose career I have followed since her debut ‘Honeysuckle’ emerged a decade ago.

In that time, she’s got involved in all sorts of musical excursions, and has a new solo album, ‘Contraband,’ (Hobopop) which she’s touring in the UK over the next few weeks.

There are assorted goodies on the links below, and I particularly like the new song ‘New Bird.’

Kirsty McGee – New Bird

Kirsty McGee – Tumblr site

Kirsty McGee – official website

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