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Paul Carrack is one of music’s journeymen, lending his considerable talents as vocalist and songwriter to lots of successful acts.

Which means that his own career as a solo artist has had more than its fair share of fits and starts down the years.

As a former member of Squeeze, Friday’s BBC Four documentary on Deptford’s finest was followed by a programme devoted to Carrack – ‘The Man With The Golden Voice.’

And excellent it was too.

As a former resident of Sheffield, the city’s artists and performers have a special place in my musical life.

And it was great to learn more about his family roots, which still continue through the family painting and decorating supplies business in Crookes run by his brother.

What was more instructive perhaps for musicians finding their way in the music industry was how Carrack – a man whose fronted a fair few hits – has taken control of his own career in the past decade.

His latest tour is pretty typical of how he runs the show, playing to his strengths as a live performer and making sure that his audience come back again the next time he’s in town.

If he’s coming anywhere near where you live, I can guarantee a good time will be had by all – and you’ll see and hear an authentic musical voice.

Ace – How Long

Paul Carrack – I Need You

Mike and the Mechanics – Over My Shoulder

Paul Carrack – official website

The Man With The Golden Voice – BBC iPlayer

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