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Fans of Peter Gabriel will be familiar with what the late comic writer Douglas Adams described as the sound of deadlines wooshing by.

PG’s mega album ‘So’ was released in 1986, so 25 years seems like a landmark worth marking with a special deluxe super-dupa re-release package.

But 2011 came and went and here in October 2012, or next Monday to be precise, we finally get what Gabriel feels the record deserves by way of birthday celebration.

There are two CDs and a DVD of a 1987 concert in Athens plus 12 inch mixes and a 60-page booklet.

Of particular interest is ‘So DNA,’ a disc which explores the audio roots of the record, which took months and months and months of hard graft to knock into shape.

That story is well told in the documentary about ‘So’ in the Classic Albums series which is also part of the package, and well worth a watch if you haven’t seen it.

Classic Albums: So – trailer

Peter Gabriel – official website

And here’s my blogpost from earlier in the year, which describes how my musical relationship with PG began in my teens.

So Peter Gabriel – 24th March 2012

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