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During 2012, the Rolling Stones have had more mentions on this blog that I would have predicted.

But then the media loves an anniversary, and 50 years ago seems to have been a pretty fertile period in the story of popular culture.

The Beatles, James Bond, etc etc etc.

This year has already seen a flurry of nostalgia around the 50th anniversary of the Stones first gig.

But then as Charlie Watts didn’t join until 1963, Mick feels the band’s 50th is 2013, and as he’s The Guv’nor, we can expect a big tour next year.

In the meantime, 4 ‘live’ shows will take place this side of Christmas – two in London and two in New York.

The London gigs are at the O2 Arena in Greenwich – as Keith puts its ‘down by the river’ – on 25th and 29th November.

Followed by two at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey on 13th and 15th December.

And there’s a new album ‘Grrr’ with two new Stones songs, recorded during the Summer in Paris.

For the concerts, we’re promised special guests, which must mean original bass player Bill Wyman putting the Rhythm Kings on hold for a few nights.

Mustn’t it?

The Rolling Stones Announce Live Shows – video

Bill Wyman’s Rhythm Kings feat.Mary Wilson – Don’t Know Why

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