woody allen: a doc

Woody Allen isn’t used to getting good press for his more recent film projects.

But a documentary film featuring Woody Allen as its subject, that’s just out on dvd/Blu-ray, has got an almost universal thumbs up.

‘Woody Allen: A Documentary’ first aired on PBS in America last Autumn, so what we get now is the original two parts plus extras.

Director Robert B. Weide has put together a profile that, judging by the trailer I’ve seen, features people who really know Allen – for instance Diane Keaton, Tony Roberts, Mariel Hemingway.

My own Allen favourites – ‘Annie Hall,’ ‘Manhattan,’ ‘Hannah and her Sisters,’ ‘Broadway Danny Rose’ – have received repeated viewings in this household.

But despite critical brickbats outnumbering the bouquets, I’ve also enjoyed some of his more recent films, notably ‘Vicky Cristina Barcelona’ and ‘Midnight In Paris.’

Warts and all biopics are rare – Elton John’s ‘Tantrums and Tiaras’ springs to mind – so whether some of the trickier questions are asked of Allen, only viewing the full doc will reveal.

No doubt, the clue is in the title – ‘A Documentary,’ not ‘The Documentary.’

But a career so rich in classic film moments is surely worth investigating.

Woody Allen : A Documentary – video trailer

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