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What prompts you to buy an album, especially one that came out in 1968 when you were in junior school and it didn’t form part of your life at the time?

In the case of ‘The Natch’l Blues’ by Taj Mahal (Columbia), it must have been a recommendation – from who I can’t remember.

But it must have been someone with taste.

That’s what drips from every note of this record, which features a stellar line-up of session players like Jesse Ed Davies on guitar, Al Kooper on piano and Earl Palmer on drums.

My copy has a Sony Music ‘nice price’ sticker on it, and is part of its ‘High Fidelity 360 Sound’ series – both attempts by an ailing record industry desperate to exploit its back catalogue.

But when it’s as good as this, paying full price wouldn’t be a burden.

Taj Mahal – Corinna

Taj Mahal – She Caught The Katy And Left Me A Mule To Ride

Taj Mahal – official website

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