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It’s now several weeks since Michael Chabon’s new novel ‘Telegraph Avenue’ (Fourth Estate) came out, and I blogged about it at the time.

Pretty quickly I snapped up a copy, physically from a bookshop in our nearest town, and I made a start on it.

But I quickly discovered it isn’t a book that can be enjoyed when you’re bushed at the end of a long day, sat up in the bed.

Truthfully after 50 pages drifted by over several nights, I couldn’t make head nor tail of where I was, and when you write in as rich a way as Chabon does, an author deserves better.

So I went back to the beginning and started all over again.

Now thanks to a mini-break away and an afternoon sat in a garage reception waiting for my car to be restored to full working order, I’m hooked.

A new interview with Chabon by Sarfraz Manzoor has just appeared on The Guardian website.

And my earlier blogpost has some excellent tunes, which form the book’s musical backdrop.

If you didn’t visit the first time, how about giving it another go.

Michael Chabon – Guardian interview

‘Michael Chabon’ blogpost – 10th Sept 2012

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