fragile thing

Big Country complete with their bagpipe guitar sound are a band forever associated with those memorable early hits like ‘In A Big Country,’ ‘Fields Of Fire’ and Runaway.’

During my recent cd clear-out, I came across a promo disc with about 4 or 5 bona fide classic Big Country tunes taken from a ‘best of’ collection.

And I was immediately given a blast of top notch rock music.

Emotional, passionate, stirring – all qualities that give the songs life nearly 30 years after their creation

So it was a surprise to learn via the BBC Radio 4 series ‘Swansong,’ about band’s final albums, that ‘Driving To Damascus’ released in 1999 was their 8th.

Inevitably the suicide of frontman Stuart Adamson in 2001 was the piece of knowledge that leant the programme a particular poignancy.

Eddi Reader, who duetted with Adamson on the track ‘Fragile Thing,’ spoke movingly about the demons that drive sensitive, creative people to their limits.

There was also another of those hard-to-credit stories about why the track didn’t chart, but which clearly had a major effect on Adamson.

And when you watch the video for the song and relate it to the circumstances of Adamson’s death, it’s almost too much to bear.

Fragile Thing – Big Country feat.Eddi Reader

Swansong – Big Country: Driving To Damascus – BBC iPlayer


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