hallo sausages

The ‘music’ sections of bookshops have taken over for me from record shops as places where I’ll happily browse and come across something that interests me.

The cd and record fair I was expecting to find in our local town hall had been ‘cancelled – ‘apologies for the inconvenience,’ the handwritten notice procalimed outside, and replaced by a Christmas bazaar.

So stepping past Father Christmas, I headed off instead for the nearby shopping precinct¬† to use up my hour’s parking and in Waterstone’s came across ‘Hallo Sausages: The Lyrics of Ian Dury’ (Bloomsbury) edited by his daughter Jemima.

It’s a proper coffee table book with a coffee table price of ¬£25 (much discounted online).

But as I leafed through its impressively designed layout, I caught snatches of Dury’s lyrics which then turned in my head into the songs many of us of a certain age know so well.

As Dury’s daughter, Jemima is brilliantly placed to give us her take on the complex person who was her father.

And that she does in each of the 6 chapters that cover the early 70s upto Dury’s death from cancer in 2000.

Tucked inside the back cover is a cd, the contents of which I have yet to establish.

But if you’re a Dury fan or even if you’re not aware of his work, but love the English language, this looks like a tome well worth investigating.

Here’s a late Dury tune complete with lyrics full of ‘language’ from the ‘Mr Love Pants’ album, which for me is up there with his best work.

Ian Dury and the Blockheads – Jack Shit George

Hallo Sausages – Ian Dury official website

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