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When you’ve been on this planet a while, people move in and out of your life.

You might get to know someone through your job, or because they live in the same road, or you share a mutual friend.

And then your life relocates – and that person moves out of your life just as randomly as they arrived.

Then suddenly, out of nowhere, that person reappears with a whole back story you weren’t aware of.

A few weeks ago, I was watching an uncontroversial edition of ‘Newsnight’ when someone I worked with nigh on 30 years ago re-entered my consciousness.

Tessa Cunningham was a guest, talking to a tie-less Jeremy Paxman about her experience of being diagnosed with breast cancer.

‘Tessa Cunningham?’

My mind threw up the thought, ‘I wonder if that’s the Tessa Cunningham, who I used to work with at the Sheffield Star?’

And of course, it was, and what was even more interesting was that she was billed as author of the recent book ‘Take Me Home’ (Sidgwick and Jackson).

It tells story of what happened when Tessa’s then 95 year-old father came to live with her and her daughters at a time when her life was in meltdown.

The book came out in June this year and an extract appeared in the Daily Mail where she writes regularly for ‘Femail.’

She also wrote a feature piece for The Guardian, which you can link to below.

So you might already be aware of the book.

If not, I can heartily recommend it.

Tessa Cunningham – Guardian article about ‘Take Me Home’



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