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This week on BBC Radio 3 to tie in with the London Jazz Festival, the Composer of the Week slot is looking at Big Band music.

I caught Programme 2, which shone a searchlight on Benny Goodman, who remains one of the major figures of the genre.

There’s a great recording of Goodman and his Orchestra playing at New York’s Carnegie Hall in 1938 – a venue that wasn’t then associated with jazz in any shape or form.

Despite the recording technology available at the time, the Carnegie Hall album captures what big band music was all about.

It’s a thrilling sound, and one which big bands in Europe and America keep alive today.

So if you get the chance to hear a big band in full cry, don’t pass it up.

Composer of the Week – The Swing Era – BBC iPlayer

Benny Goodman Orchestra – Bugle Call Rag

As this blog is nearing its first birthday, I’m using the opportunity to point new readers to past posts that you might enjoy.

The great British jazz musician Victor Feldman toured Russia with Benny Goodman in 1962 as part of a cultural visit promoted by the US government.

Victor played vibes on the tour, which was a highly prestigious gig for an ex-pat to have secured.

‘Seven Steps’ – 12th May 2012


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