40 years sounds like a decent landmark, which is why 10cc (founded 1972) have just released a suitably lavish 4-cd/1dvd box set to mark the occasion.

‘Tenology’ (UMC/Mercury) pays particular attention to the years when the original line-up of Graham Gouldman, Eric Stewart, Kevin Godley and Lol Creme were all firing on all cylinders, and working together.

I never bought a 10cc album, but at various points I’ve owned assorted compilations of the band’s hit singles.

They clearly stretched out on the albums, exploring all sorts of ambitious musical ideas.

But the appeal for me was always their string of great 45s.

After Godley and Creme left the band to create the 3-disc ‘Consequences’ album, which my brother loyally invested in, I saw the Gouldman and Stewart line up at the Liverpool Empire in the summer of 1977 promoting ‘Deceptive Bends.’

So here are a couple of the hit singles from that record.

10cc – The Things We Do For Love

10cc – Good Morning Judge

A couple of days ago I tweeted about ‘Tenology’ being a good value package for £40.

And was rewarded with retweet from Hypergallery, which showcases the work of Hipgnosis, who created the memorable 10 cc album sleeves.

The attached link has a brief interview with Lol Creme about the creation of the ‘How Dare You’ cover from 1975.

10cc album artwork – Hypergallery website

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