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Sometimes I listen to a radio item and at the end of it, I’m really none the wiser as to its point.

That was certainly the case with a discussion on BBC Radio 4’s ‘Today’ programme about the popularity of singing in an American accent.

Yeah? And ………

The item’s only virtue for me was the appearance of Pat Kane, front man of the 80s blue-eyed soul band Hue and Cry and for the record – on the accent front – a Scot.

Apart from possessing a decent set of pipes, he is a lover of the English language, and during the item used ‘hegemonic’ and ‘mega-Bassey’ to quote just two examples of his wordsmithery.

Hue and Cry featuring Pat and his brother Gregory still seem to be going strong, and are on track next year for a 25th anniversary celebration of their 1988 album ‘Remote’ (Circa).

It’s a record I bought at the time coupled with a live set ‘Bitter Suite.’

When I did venture out to see them in concert, their success at the time meant the evening was rather marred by a barrage of high volume ‘teeny bopper’ screaming from the front of the stalls.

Even if their music isn’t to your taste, I would recommend you check out their version of Kate Bush’s ‘The Man With The Child In His Eyes.’

Proof positive that a singer’s accent isn’t at the front of your mind when you hear a brilliant song sung brilliantly

BBC Radio 4 ‘Today’ programme – ‘Singing Accents’ item – BBC iPlayer

Hue and Cry – Labour Of Love

Hue and Cry – Looking For Linda

Hue and Cry – Violently

Hue and Cry – The Man With The Child Is His Eyes


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