led zeppelin live

Last night’s showing of Led Zeppelin’s reunion concert ‘Live In London’ on BBC 2 is one I’m hoping to catch later in the week.

That’s the thing about busy weekends in the run up to Christmas.

You can’t always find time to settle down in front of the tv or hook up with a digital device.

So if you’ve already seen the concert, which had a cinema release a few months back, you’ll know what all the fuss is about.

Not that Zeppelin were a band that I really connected with during their 70s heyday.

Their importance has become clearer to me in more recent times.

But I can say I do have a copy of Led Zep IV, largely because it features Sandy Denny on ‘The Battle Of Evermore.’

To my ears, Robert Plant’s more recent musical adventures, particularly his ‘Raising Sand’ album with Alison Krauss are much more the thing.

Led Zeppelin ‘Live In London 2007’ – Celebration Day – BBC iPlayer


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