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Listening to a radio discussion about the latest UK Census figures, I had a musical flashback.

The angle being digested was the change in the make-up of the UK population over the past ten years.

The contributors were a Polish woman who arrived here in 2006, a Bangladeshi child refugee from the mid-80s, and a Jamaican woman who’s lived in this country since 1955.

Their stories were fascinating, and reminded me of a superb string of albums released in the Noughties on the Honest Jon label under the title ‘London Is The Place For Me.’

They feature music made by immigrants from the West Indies, who made the UK their home in the decades after the Second World War.

Trinidadian calypso isn’t a genre I was previously familiar with, but the early albums in the series led me on a musical journey that I would highly recommend.

Not only is the music uplifting and quirky.

The tunes and their lyrics take you on a journey through a recent chapter in the UK’s multi-cultural history.

And in the debate about immigration levels, that musical time capsule is worth revisiting.

Lord Kitchener – London Is The Place For Me

Honest Jon’s – official website

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