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It’s possible that I’ve met Laura Mvula before.

But if I have, I had no idea that she is an accomplished singer and songwriter generating a real buzz.

Until earlier this year, Laura was the afternoon receptionist at the CBSO Centre in Birmingham where I regularly attend chorus rehearsals.

At one time, she was a violinist in the CBSO Youth Orchestra.

But now, newly-signed to RCA, 26 year-old Laura is busy forging a musical career with a recently released and well-received EP ‘She.’

And in March 2013, there’ll be an album called ‘Sing To The Moon.’

So if you enjoy the tunes from the EP featured here, you’re in for a treat.


Laura Mvula – She (live)

Laura Mvula – Like the Morning Dew

Laura Mvula – Jump Right Out

Laura Mvula – official website


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  1. Tim Pemberton says:

    Laura Mvula is a class act. Brilliant musician and rich vocalist. I love her unpretentiousness too. Very excited by the music that she’s making.

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