slade in flame

As Slade are synonomous with Christmas in the UK, a BBC Four Friday night devoted to Wolverhampton’s finest was timely.

A 1999 documentary about the band and a clips show of their appearances on BBC tv were to be expected.

But what made the night worthwhile for me was a showing of ‘Slade In Flame,’ their 1975 pop movie.

The Citizen Kane of British pop films, according to Mark Kermode.

He may well be right.

What’s irrefutable is that the movie contains two of Slade’s finest songs.

A world away from their mis-spelt glam rock shouters, ‘How Does It Feel’ and ‘Far Far Away’ are class songs that any artist would be proud to have crafted.

Kermode Uncut Film Club – Slade In Flame

Slade In Flame – BBC iPlayer

Slade – How Does It Feel

Slade – Far Far Away


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