loving miss hatto

Victoria Wood is a comedienne and comic actor whose work has provided laughs throughout my adult life.

So it’s been fascinating to watch her career in more recent times as she’s moved more and more into the world of tv drama.

After the marvellous ‘Eric & Ernie’ a couple of years ago, which she wrote and in which she appeared as Eric Morecambe’s mother Sadie, we got the fruits of her efforts as writer in last night’s ‘Loving Miss Hatto’ (BBC One).

Given the universal thumbs up of previews and Wood’s impeccable track record, it’s a programme I’m planning to catch up with later today armed with a festive glass of something appropriate.

The drama is based on the rather incredible story of concert pianist Joyce Hatto, which was a real-life drama all of its own.

This being Christmas Eve and time being short and already packed to the rafters, I’ll wish you the compliments of the season, and see you on Christmas Day.

Loving Miss Hatto – BBC iPlayer

Classical CDs ‘faked’ by producer – BBC news story


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