sing sing sing

Christmas is a time that many of us spend more time in front of the tv than is usual.

So the tv networks create special promotional trailers to showcase their programmes and keep all those eyeballs glued to the set.

And once the visuals are sorted, they add add that all important ingredient – music.

BBC One is using ‘Sing Sing Sing’ by Benny Goodman to sprinkle a little magic dust over its schedule.

So even when you’ve seen that trailer for ‘Call The Midwife’ or ‘Doctor Who’ for the umpteenth time, you know there’ll be a burst of Benny along in a second to keep up your energy levels.

The tune was written by Louise Prima in 1936.

In a nice little Christmas connection, Prima was ‘The King of the Swingers’ in Walt Disney’s ‘Jungle Book’ – a popular festive family film in years gone by.

It’s probably complete coincidence, but last month BBC Radio 3 featured Goodman in their Composer of the Week slot, so if you fancy more Benny, you’ll find musical links a plenty here.

Benny Goodman – Sing Sing Sing

Benny Goodman blogpost – 15th November 2012


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