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Having spent a few days in the North East of England over the festive period, I picked up a story about that quintessential Geordie band Lindisfarne.

For many years, their famous Christmas concerts were central to celebrations in the city.

And I’ve lost count of the number of times I saw the band ‘live’ from the mid-70s to the early Noughties.

So it’s likely that tickets will sell like hot cakes for a new show about the band co-written and featuring original member Ray Laidlaw.

‘The Lindisfarne Story’ is being staged in June 2013 at the Newcastle City Hall as part of the month-long ‘Festival Of The North East.’

The show’s already had a short run at venues around the region, and gone down well with audiences and critics.

So if you’re a fan or interested in a group whose music still resonates in that part of the world, an early visit to the box office website may be advisable.

A couple of Lindisfarne memories which come to mind ….

Seeing the first gig the reformed original line-up played at Leeds University in May 1978, which heralded the successful ‘Back And Fourth’ album and hit single ‘Run For Home.’

And on a more poignant note, seeing Alun Hull in front of a small but appreciative folk club audience sometime in the mid-80s, and being amazed at the end of the night when the MC asked if anyone had a spare sofa Alun could spend the night on.

Such is the fickle nature of fame.

A visit to the Lindisfarne website will hook you up with all the classic band recordings, several now remastered.

And Hull’s 1973 solo album ‘Pipedream’ is a classic of the singer-songwriter genre.

Lindisfarne – January Song

Lindisfarne – Run For Home

Lindisfarne – official website

The Lindisfarne Story – official website


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