number 3s

Aside from its rather unfortunate title, the recent BBC poll of Number 2s – records that didn’t quite make the top spot in the UK singles chart – yielded some interesting choices.

Given the season, I was surprised that ‘Fairytale of New York’ by the Pogues feat.Kirsty MacColl didn’t manage to wrest the top place from ‘Vienna’ by Ultravox.

The top 40 included a number of records that this blog has championed in the past including ‘Up The Junction’ by Squeeze and ‘Temptation’ by Heaven 17.

And then I started wondering where it all ends when you start looking at the merits of a record compared with its original chart placing.

Some tunes that were hugely popular at the time of their release haven’t worn well…..

… while others have transcended their period and established themselves as either classic songs or classic recordings, and if you’re really lucky – both.

So here are a couple of my own bona fide classic choices, heard here in recent live performances, for the inevitable sequel ….  ‘Number 3s.’

John Miles – Music

Status Quo – Rockin’ All Over The World

The Nation’s Favourite No.2 Singles – Top 40 – official website


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