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John Miles appearance in yesterday’s blog would have surprised the younger me.

‘What’s taken so long?’ I would have cried.

It was the Jarrow singer-songwriter’s first appearance here in what was post number 415.

But when Miles career took off in the mid-70s, I thought he was the real deal.

A talented writer and multi-instrumentalist, I saw him live a number of times.

But after that initial chart success with songs like ‘Music,’ ‘High Fly’ and ‘Slow Down,’ which was also a big hit in America, his career seemed to fall victim to too many record companies trying too many image changes.

The man could play music in any style, which meant he later found the perfect job as Musical Director for the wonderful Tina Turner.

What I wasn’t aware of until I bought a later compilation of his work was that his early singles are regarded in some circles as Northern Soul classics.

Before signing to Decca in 1975, Miles released a string of 45s on the Orange label run by his manager Cliff Cooper.

One of tunes, ‘Why Don’t You Love Me,’ threw itself at me via iPod recently and I was struggling to identify the artist.

American, black, soul?

Then it clicked – John Miles.

See what you think.

John Miles – Why Don’t You Love Me

John Miles – One Minute Every Hour



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