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Today feels like the first proper back-to-work day of 2013.

So with the holiday ‘over,’ I thought I might have finished my holiday reading book.

But I’m delighted to say that it’s still unfolding its pleasures.

That’s largely because I didn’t know how big the book – ‘Into the Silence: The Great War, Mallory and the Conquest Of Everest’ (Vintage) by Wade Davis – was when I started it.

Kindle is a fantastic piece of technology, but after several days consistent reading bouts, I’ve only just gone through 50% of its duration.

That’s about right as the book has moved on to the 1922 Everest expedition with the 1924 one to follow in which George Mallory and  his companion Andrew Irvine made their bid for the summit.

The book’s richness is what’s particularly delighting me, covering as it does a heady mix of history, geography, politics, human endeavour and a good old-fashioned story well told.

The quality and depth of the research is evident in every sentence.

Particularly wonderful are the letters and diaries of the participants, whose contemporary testimony speaks volumes and cuts through all the myths and legends that have grown up around the early attempts on scaling Everest.

Our continuing fascination with the world’s highest mountain is evident in a news story about the best ever picture of Everest that emerged recently.

Mount Everest – 4 billion pixel image

Into The Silence – blogpost – 28th December 2012


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