vice versa

No doubt about the music story of the year so far in 2013.

David Bowie’s new single has reminded us all about his genius in all matters involving popular culture.

But judging by the response to my post yesterday, there are also a lot of Petula Clark and Anthony Newley fans out there.

So picking up on Mike Jones comment, I thought they and you might enjoy seeing ‘Pet’ and ‘Tony’ in a clip from their 1948 film ‘Vice Versa.’

The clip is also worth a look for a glimpse of the great Peter Jones, whose acting career featured roles in both landmark comedy and serious dramas.

A particular favourite of mine is Jones as The Book, narrating the original radio version of ‘A Hitchiker’s Guide To The Galaxy.’

Mention of ‘Vice Versa’ is also a thin excuse to reprise a song by the band, who morphed into Sheffield’s ABC, but before for that were an experimental electronic outfit called … Vice Versa.


Vice Versa – extract feat. Anthony Newley and Petula Clark

Vice Versa – New Girls Neutrons


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