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BBC Radio 3’s ‘Composer of the Week’ slot has suddenly become a must listen.

Living composers are now very much part of the mix, which has got to be a good thing.

So following the pre-Christmas spotlight on American John Adams, we now have his fellow countryman John Williams (born 1932) giving us the lowdown on Star Wars, Jaws et al.

The episode I caught was primarily about Williams’s music for ‘Star Wars’ and how it came to be commissioned.

Lionel Newman – uncle of Randy Newman – was in charge of film music at 20th Century Fox and played a pivotal role in the use of an orchestral score.

And when you throw in the London Symphony Orchestra to play it, its pedigree is award-winning from the get-go.

The first Star Wars film was a big hit, but I do remember seeing it at the time and being amazed by Williams music and what it brought to the whole experience.

Now if only ‘Composer of the Week’ could hook up with Beethoven or Mozart or Haydn in the flesh …..

Anybody got a number for Dr.Who?

Composer of the Week – John Williams – BBC iPlayer


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