broken english

Deluxe editions have proved a fruitful source of income for record companies in recent times.

Alongside the original album, you get a second cd of ‘live’ versions and/or BBC sessions and/or alternate takes.

But invariabaly I find that, after one or two plays, the second cd of material pales into insignificance.

It’s the original album that takes centre stage.

And that’s certainly a position Marianne Faithfull’s 1979 ‘comeback’ album ‘Broken English’ (Island), released in its deluxe edition this week, is quite capable of holding with aplomb.

What’s interesting if you go on a YouTube wander is how many excellent ‘live’ performances Faithfull has clocked up in recent years of the songs on ‘Broken English.’

But here are two of the songs from the album as originally recorded, still sounding great and offering hope to artists who might feel their best days are a decade or more behind them.


Marianne Faithfull – Ballad of Lucy Jordan

Marianne Faithfull – Working Class Hero

Marianne Faithfull – official website


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