album showdown

It might look like slick editorial planning on my part.

But posts in the last few days on great albums like ‘Broken English,’ ‘Calenture’ and ‘Rumours,’ and a new tv series starting tonight on BBC Four are complete coincidence.


But there’s clearly something in the air.

‘Danny Baker’s Great Album Showdown’ starts with a look at the merits of some great Rock records followed tomorrow by Pop and on Thursday by R&B.

To help in this task, Baker has producer Stephen Street, writer Kate Mossman and er, …… (fill in the gap as you wish) Jeremy Clarkson?!

Yes, Clarkson isn’t the third person or even the 100th person, who springs to mind as a guest for such a show.

But presumably it’ll help sell the concept to the car-driving bloke who spends his life on the motorways of the UK, playing that cd of ‘driving anthems.’

Note: the cropped photo on this post just worked out that way. No slight intended.

Talking about music can, in the wrong hands, be a bit of a turn-off, so let’s hope there are plenty of musical illustrations.

Danny Baker’s Great Album Showdown – BBC iPlayer


Boston – More Than A Feeling

Bachman Turner Overdrive – You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet


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