is that all there is?

The new run of BBC Radio 4’s ‘Soul Music’ started with Lieber and Stoller’s ‘Is That All There Is?’  sung by Peggy Lee.

Now in its 15th series, ‘Soul Music’ is a half-hour feature format that invariably sheds new light on our human connections with songs and pieces of intrumental music.

I nearly didn’t tune in, only because I must have heard the trail for the show at least a dozen times in the last few days.

Great singer though Peggy Lee is, there is a point where she launches into the song in the trail for the umpteenth time when you think – ‘enough.’

I’m pleased though I did catch it – via the BBC iPlayer – particularly as I learned something new about its creation.

The song’s arrangment is one that you can’t fail to admire, but what I didn’t know was it was the work of a young Randy Newman.

Then you replay in your head all the Newman songs you know with great arrangements – and you put two and two together.


Soul Music: Is that All There Is? – BBC iPlayer


Randy Newman – Birmingham

Randy Newman – Rednecks


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